NetKAL XIII Fellowship Program Application

Be a part of the most transformative leadership program for Korean American professionals.

In 2021, the Council of Korean Americans (CKA) and Network of Korean American Leaders (NetKAL) merged to relaunch this prestigious leadership program in 2022. The merged organization is operating under the CKA name, preserving NetKAL as a key leadership development Fellowship program. Learn more about the merger here.

The 13th Cohort, known as NetKAL XIII, will continue NetKAL’s legacy and CKA’s mission by including up-to 15 competitively selected Fellows to participate in the April – August 2024 leadership training program. Fellows will go through a transformative experience where they grow personally and professionally while also create lasting friendships and connections with fellow Korean American leaders.

So, if you get excited about joining a leadership training program where themes like Korean American identity, community service, mental health, and national leadership are essential parts of the curriculum; and are hungering for deeper connections with mentors and 1.5/2nd generation Korean American peers from varying sectors; then, you are ready to become a NetKAL Fellow!

Here is what you can expect…

This fellowship program is a unique five-month educational forum for 1.5 and 2nd generation Korean American leaders designed to enhance their leadership capabilities and their desire for civic engagement. We achieve these goals through  facilitated workshops,  peer discussion sessions, and community projects. All the sessions are designed to provide participants with the mindset and tools to achieve ambitious goals, build coalitions, communicate effectively, and lead transformation.

In addition, fellows will gain access to, network with, and be mentored by top Korean American executives and trailblazers making a significant impact in their respective sectors and communities. The program aims to increase the connectivity of the fellows with other leaders and create an empowering network around high-potential Korean Americans.

At the end of this five-month program, fellows will gain a solid foundation in advanced leadership practices, be inspired to serve their communities, and belong to a supportive national leadership community vested in their personal and professional growth. Best of all, fellows will enjoy lifelong friendships with a cohort of talented fellows and be a part of a supportive network of NetKAL alumni across the globe.