The NetKAL Fellowship Program

The NetKAL Fellowship Program began in 2006–the first and only leadership program drawing together second generation Korean-American leaders with a view toward enhancing the civic leadership capacity of the community. The program provides fellows the networks and resources to communicate effectively, build coalitions and lead transformation at all levels of American society. Fellows gain a solid foundation in today’s most progressive leadership values and examine the multi-faceted role of a Korean-American leader.

Building the critical networks of second generation Korean-American leaders through the NetKAL Fellowship Program serves multiple purposes:

  • To further professional careers as well as to widen the community roles of these individual leaders;
  • To create a powerful pipeline of Korean-American leaders that crosses political, economic, social and cultural silos and;
  • To bridge first and second generations of Korean-American leaders and harness a power multiplier for change.

The NetKAL Fellowship Program is a six month series of intensive monthly weekend leadership workshops featuring innovative educators, inspiring speakers, and invigorating discussions with fellows who are passionate about creating change through civic leadership.

Fellows selected for the NetKAL program represent a wide spectrum of professional backgrounds. All are extremely well regarded in their own fields and are leaders of change in their organizations, communities and society at large. To date, 253 Fellows have been engaged in the NetKAL program over the course of ten years.

What do past Fellows say about NetKAL?

“The NetKAL program teaches, challenges, and supports Korean American leaders to identify who they are and the community around them and then take the next step to get involved and make a difference by utilizing their individual talents and the talents of the fellows around them. It is a self-changing experience that any Korean American can benefit from.” – Teddy Kang, NetKAL II

“NetKAL brings together Korean American leaders to develop and learn from each other. No other organization within the Korean American community brings together such a diverse group of people with varied backgrounds and professions.” – Tad Yo, NetKAL III

“Amazing opportunity to increase your network with other KA community leaders [and] learn a tremendous amount about yourself. [An] intimate and supportive environment to grow as a leader.” – Kevin Kim, NetKAL IV

“This is a great opportunity to hone your leadership skills, fellowship with other Korean-American leaders and emerging leaders, and grow deeper in your knowledge about Korean identity, history and culture. It’s a way to be connected and to start to give back to the Korean community.” – Monica Macer, NetKAL I

“NetKAL provided me an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with individuals who are passionate about what they do.” – Jason Park, NetKAL I