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Suk Jun Charlie Cho

Founder New Wave Media


Suk Jun Charlie Cho started his career in MTV Korea back in 2000. That is how he entered the Media and Entertainment industry. He was born and raised in a typical traditional Korean family and was mostly raised by his grandparents. When turning 15 years old, he learned to discipline himself after going to Flushing, Queens, and USA to study by himself. He went to a small boarding school with 35 different national students in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania after that. He graduated from Boston University, majoring in hospitality. During his leave of absence from the school, he applied to become the first official MTV Korea VJ. Then, he served his military duty for two years as a KATUSA, which was to work between American officers and Koreans.

Charlie was also working as the host for Nickelodeon Korea for 8 years. He had a startup company in Beijing, China from 2006 to 2008. In between, he was working as a regional director for MTV EXIT, the NGO for increasing the awareness of human trafficking issues, reporters for radios and TVs, and translator for various shows in Korea. Currently, he is working as a producer, coordinator and consultant in Korea and China.

He has always loved to travel, explore new cultures, meet new people, become involved with new projects, and discover new joys in life. He definitely fears God, but is not afraid to tackle on new adventures.