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Eun Young L. Easley

Manager SK Trading InternationalMarket Analysis


Eun Young L. Easley works in the risk management department of SK Trading International. She analyzes and forecasts price trajectories for crude oil and various petroleum products, and offers solutions to reduce risk exposure. She also serves on a task force for assessing geopolitical risk and the regulatory environment for the energy industry.

Eun Young started her career in Los Angeles as a business development associate for SK Energy Americas. She facilitated physical trading and operations for gasoline deliveries along the Pacific Coast of North and South America. In addition, she analyzed the risks and opportunities of U.S. environmental policies and the challenges that Dodd-Frank financial reforms presented to hedging strategies in the energy sector.

Eun Young graduated from Yonsei University in Seoul with a B.A. in English literature and Western history, and earned her M.A. at Yonsei’s interdisciplinary program in sociology and anthropology. Her thesis examined Korean protestant mega-churches’ application of neoliberal socio-economics after the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. Her thesis was assigned in college courses on social and religious issues in Korea, and her research was published as a chapter in a university press book, and appeared in news articles and conference materials. Eun Young was also a fellow at Williams College in Massachusetts, with the support of the Freeman Foundation.

Eun Young is interested in energy security, sustainable energy, expanding female leadership in the energy industry, and managing the seemingly unlimited energy of her two young daughters.