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Dongyoun Cho

Policy Planning Officer Defense Security Agency


Dongyoun Cho is currently a major in the army under the South Korean Ministry of National Defense. She also served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a project manager of the NAPCI (The Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative) Task Force. NAPCI engages in meaningful work building trust and initiating cooperation among participating nations in Northeast Asia that are fraught with tension, shedding light on the multifaceted dimensions of national security policies, including small but important non-traditional security issues, such as nuclear safety, energy security, environmental protection, climate change, disaster relief, and drug trafficking.

While the South Korean army is still mainly focused on war and weapons-based security, MAJ. Cho’s own experience during peacekeeping operations in Iraq has taught her that the traditional concept of security is not enough to ensure peace and stability.

MAJ. Cho recently earned an MPA degree at the Harvard Kennedy School. It was an invaluable opportunity for her to gain a breadth of knowledge in security issues in a broad international context, thus enabling her to further study and contribute to tackling the world’s most challenging security and humanitarian problems on the Korean peninsula including North Korean issues. She looks forward to more opportunities to practice these skills and communicate with like-minded, emerging leaders to address challenges in today’s world.

Through her 16 years of military experience collaborating with governmental, national, and regional entities, Cho hopes to contribute to promoting sustainable peace by addressing the root causes of violent conflict in the Korean peninsula in the foreseeable future.