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Jin Chung

Software Engineer III eBay


Jin currently works as a software engineer at eBay, Inc in New York City, as part of a team formerly called Hunch (a startup previously bought out by eBay) which specializes in data-driven scalable recommendations systems for items across the eBay site. Her current project involves creating experiences of “discovery” for users through the recommendations produced by the algorithms that the team A/B tests on the site. Right before joining eBay, Jin took a three-month stretch to participate in Hacker School, a program that serves as a writer’s retreat for programmers, where she had the intellectual freedom to rigorously delve into a variety of subjects, such as web sockets, concurrency models, web frameworks, and Python. Before her time at Hacker School, Jin worked as a software engineer at UBS Investment Bank, building trading tools for structured products teams and reducing two-week subscription processes to single day processes. Jin holds a BSE in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, enjoys serving as a long-term mentor for a female high school student through iMentor, and is actively engaged in the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association, as well as her church and the developer community in NYC. On the side, she enjoys hardware hacking on mechanical versions of the mobile app Flappy Bird, toying around with Leap Motions and JavaScript libraries to blow up 3D visualizations of planets, and the like.