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Edward Kim

Category Manager Ace Beverage Co.


Edward Kim is currently an Area Manager at Ace Beverage Company, an Anheuser Busch wholesaler. Edward is responsible for overseeing over 40 sales associates and major chain and independent accounts. For the last ten years, Edward has worked in the beverage industry for several major distribution companies overseeing direct sales and implementation strategy for market share increase.

In that capacity, Edward has been able to work closely with and assist the Korean American retailers with business development and market share increase. Edward’s unique background as black and Korean has been a motivating factor in his life to help others in need. After the 1992 LA Riots, Edward, who is fluent in Korean, worked for the Korean American Food and Shelter Services (K.A.F.S.S.) as the Distribution Manager, distributing food and necessities directly to the victims and developing funding proposals for the organization.

Edward also served in the United States Marine Corp. as a Non-Commissioned Officer from 1991 to 1997. During the first Iraq conflict, Edward was commission to the Middle East and served as the squad leader. Upon his return from active duty, Edward continued his Marine Corp service with Aviation Supply Unit maintaining the F18 fighter jets and all Marine Corp Aviation Fleet.

Edward is a graduate of La Sierra University with a B.S. in Business Management. Edward is happily married to Anne and lives in Fullerton, CA.