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Juseon Byun

President Daerim St. Mary’s Hospital


Dr. Byeon Ju Seon is the President of Daerim St. Mary’s Hospital. She earned her B.A. at Seoul National University College of English Language and her M.A. at Yonsei University Graduate School of Public Health. She has become a leader for numerous special groups, and served as the chairwoman for Girls Scout’s World Asia Pacific and also served as an Honorary Director for Girls Scouts Korea.

She is passionate about young students and the next generation and uses her energy and resources to cultivate the young into becoming the successful leaders of tomorrow. Dr. Byun is also a sub-committee member for the Korean International Council of Women and the Prime Minister for youth leaders. She has received high recognitions and earned several notable awards, including the Silver Elephant Award from the President of India and the National Medal Dongbaekjang.