About NetKAL

About NetKAL

The NetKAL Program is organized by the Center for Asian-Pacific Leadership at the University of Southern California. The Center for Asian-Pacific Leadership promotes innovative education and training for Asian and Asian-American leadership focusing on challenges facing the Pacific Rim’s future and preparing emerging leaders for global transformation. The Center’s activities align closely with the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work’s mission to strengthen communities by fostering strong leadership through our training, cross-disciplinary networking, and research programs.

The initiatives of the Center for Asian-Pacific Leadership include:

1. Network Programs for Asian-American Leaders

Beginning in February of 2006, the Center launched the Network of Korean-American Leaders (NetKAL) Fellowship Program promoting civic leadership of second generation Korean-American leaders.

2. Community Needs Focused Research Programs

In 2007-2008, the Center proposed and conducted the first large-scale and truly national data study of the Korean-American Community in the United States compiling data from over 4,000 persons. The Center’s impetus to propose the study was to create a valuable open resource for researchers and community organizations which will ideally address the serious lack of evidence-based advocacy, which has hampered the Korean-American community’s pursuit of public and private resources available for the development of social services.

3. Professional Programs for Policy Makers and Non-Profit Leaders

Since its inception, the Center has provided educational training modules for Asian country leaders of social service agencies and non-profit organizations, created short-term learning seminars for delegations of policymakers and politicians, and conducted two international symposiums.