Class VIII achieves 100% participation in fundraising for NetKAL!


During Homecoming Weekend, Advisory Board President Suok Noh spoke about the future and financial sustainability of NetKAL, emphasizing the importance of Fellows supporting the organization after they have graduated.  Class VIII heard this message and responded by being proactive. With Fellows Jane Norman and Jin Chun leading the charge, Class VIII decided to “pay if forward” and achieved the first ever 100% class participation of donations to NetKAL.

At the Distinguished Speaker Dinner of the final Class VIII weekend, they announced their pledge of $50,000.  “This is a remarkable achievement,” Suok Noh commented. “I am extremely proud of each of you and look forward to your future achievements as Korean-American leaders.  Your continued participation through our regional committees, the 2014 Gala and Summit in San Francisco and other NetKAL activities will greatly enhance the organization and I have no doubt that the network will benefit from your engagement as well.”




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