SAVE THE DATE – 2014 NetKAL Gala and Summit

San Francisco 

October 17-18, 2014

Mark your calendar now for NetKAL’s premiere event of the season!


2014 NetKAL Gala Celebration

To kick off a weekend of networking, collaboration and learning, NetKAL and USC will hold an evening gala celebration at the San Francisco Design Center on the evening of October 17.  Located in San Francisco’s hip design district, the Design Center is world-renowned as the Bay Area’s premium choice for special events. The venue features a spectacular four-story atrium with a retractable skylight that reveals the starry night sky.

This elegant setting will provide the perfect backdrop for an evening featuring performances by top Korean entertainers, Youtube celebrities and keynote addresses by respected Bay Area leaders.


2014 NetKAL Summit: What’s Next?

We are living in an age where rapid change is inevitable and unavoidable. The question for those who are in positions of power and leadership is, “What’s Next?”  What does the future hold for NetKAL members and how can we best prepare our leaders for success in their respective industries?  The options are few – either lead in a time of change or be left behind. Which will it be?

The 2014 Summit, on October 18, will feature innovative speakers that will attempt to provide solutions to some of these pressing questions.  They will guide attendees through the ever-changing, and often confusing, future possibilities for various industries including tech, media, social services, politics, business and healthcare.

The goal of the Summit will be to educate and inspire Korean-American leaders by leveraging the technology and innovation expertise in the Bay Area. The Summit will connect Bay Area leaders with influential individuals from all over the U.S. and a wide variety of industries that are looking to evolve and prepare their businesses for the future.


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