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Korean TV Documentary Features NetKAL

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Arirang-TV, Korea’s leading international English-language broadcast network, recently featured the Network of Korean-American Leaders (NetKAL) in a documentary called “The Living Bridges,” which was broadcast worldwide. The piece highlighted the rising status of Korean-Americans in mainstream American society and noted how NetKAL has helped grow Korean-Americans’ leadership skills through networking, training and collaboration. “We provide a network for learning together to be better civic leaders to the South Korean-American community,” said Jehoon Lee, NetKAL’s director. The documentary also featured interviews with Tim Haahs, NetKAL advisory board member, as well as two NetKAL VIII fellows, Namju Cho and Hannah Kim. It also showcased NetKAL VIII’s first weekend session in Pennsylvania this past February.

NetKAL VIII Fellow Hannah Kim and Congressman Charles B. Rangel
NetKAL VIII Fellow Hannah Kim and Congressman Charles B. Rangel (Photo Credit: Arirang TV)

About “The Living Bridges”

2014 marks the 132nd anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and the U.S., and the 111th year of Korean immigration to the United States. Circumstances have changed drastically over the years, resulting in a paradigm shift of how both Korea and Koreans are viewed. Koreans are symbols of diligence and dedication, and Korean popular culture has come into the mainstream of American popular culture for everyone to enjoy. In addition, about 2.7 million Korean-Americans are making great contributions to the American society whilst acting as bridges between the two countries.

Earlier this year, DIRECTV, one of the world’s leading satellite-television providers, added Arirang TV to its public interest programming lineup. With that momentum, Arirang TV filmed a special documentary, “The Living Bridges” which highlights the rising status of Korean-Americans and Korean pop culture in mainstream American society. Viewers learn the efforts of Korean-Americans bridging the gap between the two countries as well as their contributions. “The Living Bridges” provides a sense of hope and pride to all Koreans.

Read Original Story at Arirang

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