NetKAL VIII First Weekend Recap

by Agnes Chung, NY1 reporter and NetKAL VIII Fellow

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It was a whirlwind weekend with so many faces to meet, names to learn and friendships to forge. It was a challenge that everyone was eager to embrace. Resumes aside, I was most impressed by everyone’s attitude. We all arrived through rain and fog by car or plane to make the most of this amazing opportunity placed in front of us. The icebreakers revealed the personalities beyond the bios in our NetKAL binder. It was fun navigating through the many introductions knowing each and every person was just as interested in getting to know you as you them.

Saturday’s Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) test united and divided us; it was a team building exercise that allowed us to explore our unique personalities. We were pushed to become more self-aware of our behavioral habits and discover how we react under stress. We were encouraged to tap into our strengths in order to become more effective leaders within our communities. I truly enjoyed the experience. Perhaps it is my journalist background, but I love listening to the questions others ask. I think it reveals as much about a person as the answer.

The champions of the Cupcake Making Contest

The friendly but fierce competitive attitudes revealed our passionate spirits, and that zeal was fully on display during the cupcake-making contest. We are considered leaders within our own Korean-American communities, and these sessions are energizing us to improve, learn and grow. We are to be a support system for one another so we can make the world we live in a better place. Yes, the 28 of us are Korean Americans, but no one has the same life story. Every single person adds value in a different way, and our actions will reverberate beyond the Korean-American community. The most exciting part was realizing the potential of what we can accomplish by working together. The weekend was an inspirational look at what’s to come… and we are ready.

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