NetKAL Announces Regional Committees

Regional Collage

As part of our continuing efforts to expand NetKAL’s programming and provide added value to the network at the local level, we are pleased to announce the formation of NetKAL Regional Committees. These committees will be responsible for hosting special regional events throughout the year to further build local NetKAL connections, create platforms that strengthen relationships among members, and offer professional and personal growth opportunities for existing and potential NetKAL members.

The committees will be located in major metropolitan areas and will be co-chaired by the following NetKAL Fellow alumni:

  • Los Angeles                        Hanna Yoon (NetKAL III) and Daniel Kim (NetKAL VI)
  • New York                          Sara Kim (NetKAL IV) and Patrick Chun (NetKAL VI)
  • San Francisco                   Jennifer Chung (NetKAL VII) and Chris Lee (NetKAL VII)
  • Seoul, Korea                      Kendra Suh (NetKAL V)
  • Washington, DC               Stephen Suh (NetKAL IV) and Sarah Yun (NetKAL VI)

We are extremely optimistic the NetKAL Regional Committees will provide exciting new opportunities to build leadership and community for Korean-Americans. Upcoming activities in your area will be scheduled soon, and we look forward to your participation!

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