NetKAL VII’s Week 6: Building For the Future



After six months of participating in the Fellowship program, the NetKAL VII Fellows completed session six from July 20-21 at the Westin Palo Alto.  As the last training session, this weekend’s workshops focused on building for the future.

With NetKAL’s advisory board and staff members in the audience, NetKAL VII Fellows presented their community project.  Every year, each NetKAL cohort organizes a unique, community project–a collective initiative which has the possibility to benefit the greater Korean American community.  The project provides a space for NeKAL Fellows to utilize the leadership skills and strategies they attained through out the Fellowship.




This year, NetKAL VII Fellows community project centered on the goal of advancing Korean Americans through leadership, mentorship, and collaboration.  Internally with in the organization, the Fellows analyzed the structure of NetKAL and the various groups involved: such as Fellows, Board Members, Advisors, and so on.  Such analysis showed the deep connections each of these NetKAL stakeholders have with one another and the support system the greater network provides.  NetKAL VII’s presentation illustrated how such a strong network of Korean American leaders–who are either up-and-coming or established in their professional careers–can aid and support younger Korean American generations.  Consequently, NetKAL VII proposed a mentorship program between NetKAL Fellows and Korean Americans entering higher education.




Although just a vision, NetKAL VII’s community project left a very strong impression on the advisory board and staff.

Through out the weekend, Fellows underwent their last workshops facilitated by USC professor Dr. Patton.  Focusing on building for the future, Dr. Patton’s workshops covered topics such as “Creating the Picture of Your Leadership Future” and “Identifying and Aligning Activities to Move You Forward.”  Dr. Patton prepared the Fellows for such workshops by having each of them complete peer evaluations.  The results of these peer evaluations were presented to each Fellow, allowing them to analyze their developmental progress in the Fellowship program.




The last NetKAL VII session also consisted of a celebratory gathering at the finale distinguished dinner– co-hosted by the San Francisco Korean Consulate.  Over 150 guests attended the dinner held at the Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club. The night was enriched with a fireside chat between NetKAL VII Fellow David Lee and our honorary guest, David Eun, Executive Vice President and Head of Open Innovation Center (OIC) at Samsung Electronics.  Eun spoke of his experience as a Korean American growing up in Virginia and later attending Harvard College.  Ultimately, his experiences as a Korean American have left an influential impact on his leadership position at Samsung Electronics.

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