NetKAL VII’s Weekend 4: Spheres of Influence

Focusing on power, leadership and achievement, the fourth session was held from May 18-19 at the Google Headquarters.

Session four consisted of another successful series of workshops, this time facilitated by Dr. Ronald Brown.  Dr. Brown is a leading expert and innovator in the fields of leadership development, diversity, and organizational change.  He is the founder and President of Banks Brown, a management consulting firm that specializes in providing leading-edge skills to optimize the performance of leaders and organizations. Dr. Brown’s workshops through out session four were a series of three “Power, Leadership and Achievement” discussions. The series was a comprehensive course designed to enhance the motivation, performance and productivity of managers and professionals in private and public enterprises. The primary objective of Dr. Brown’s facilitation was to build working knowledge and give practical skills to master the relationship of power and leadership in organizational life. Dr. Brown discussed the unique personal and professional dilemmas that challenge career success, drawing upon his extensive experience coaching and teaching thousands of managers and leaders.  Ultimately, Dr. Brown’s discussion series was a favorite amongst the NetKAL VII Fellows.

The session four distinguished dinner was highlighted by a discussion with guest speaker, Hoon Cho.  Cho is the Managing Director at GI Partners, a private equity investment firm with approximately $8.4 billion of capital under management that targets control-oriented investments in middle market, asset-intensive businesses and portfolios of assets.



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