ACCESS Los Angeles & NetKal Present: Human Rights Violations of Iran and North Korea Event

On August 30 2012, AJC LA and NetKal hosted a major program on the subject of human rights abuses of Iran and North Korea. The program, covered by local and international media, provided an opportunity for networking, socializing, while also allowing the best and brightest young professionals to engage in a candid dialogue about the important topic of the evening. Click here for a Korean article by Yonhapnews which highlights the major topics of the event.

The event took place at a private residence in Beverly Hills.  Guest speakers such as Adrian Hong (Director of Pegasus Project), Cathy Weiss (Past President of AJC LA), and Professor David Kaye (UCLA’s Executive Director of Human Rights Department) drew the undeniable parallels between the nature of the regimes of Iran and N. Korea. Topics such as Iran and N. Korea’s deplorable human rights records and the nuclear threat they pose regionally and globally made this program ever more timely for two communities facing a mutual concern.

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