NetKAL V – Week 5 – “Leading Change”

The fifth weekend of the NetKAL V Fellowship Program was held in Washington, DC over the weekend of July 17-18, 2010 at the Korea Economic Institute (KEI).

The weekend provided a variety of perspectives on the ongoing North Korea political and humanitarian crisis through inclusion of an experiential workshop, an expert panel discussion, distinguished speaker dinner, and a comparison case study from another community.

The NetKAL V Fellows have recently spent their weekend with Nicole Finnemann, Director of Research & Academic Affairs at the Korea Economic Institute. With her, the Fellows have participated in Part 1 of “What about North Korea?”, a Six-Party Talks Simulation, which has provided a stage for the Fellows to think of solutions for remaining issues facing their real life counterparts with the end goal of normalizing relations and setting up a regional Peace and Security regime, relating their simulation experience to current events.

Part II of “What about North Korea?” has consisted of a panel with moderator John Park, US Institute of Peace; Michael Horowitz, Hudson Institute; Balbina Hwang, National Defense University; Abraham Kim, Korea Economic Institute; Kwang Kim, OTF Group; and Dr. Stephen Linton, Founder and Chairman of the Eugene Bell Foundation, who has also participated in the following Distinguished Speaker Dinner.

On the last day of “Leading Change”, the Fellows have met Jeff Mendelson, National Outreach Director, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), who leads its National Outreach Program, a new initiative to promote pro-Israel activism among key members of the Hispanic, African-American, and religiously motivated pro-Israel Christian communities in congressional districts and states across the nation.

Copy/Paste the following link to see the schedule of “Leading Change”: NetKAL V Week 5 Logistics

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