NetKAL V – Week 4 – “Communication and Leadership”

The fourth weekend of the NetKAL V Fellowship Program was held in New York City over the weekend of June 19-20, 2010. The primary theme of the weekend was “Communication and Leadership.”

Fellows participated in communications and strategy workshops, heard from distinguished speaker David Eun, president of AOL Media and Studios, and made their own community project presentations in front of a distinguished panel of judges.

The NetKAL V Fellows have recently spent their weekend with Greg Patton, Associate Professor of Management Communication at USC, and David Eun, President of AOL Media and Studios, while also working with one another on their Community Project Presentations.

With Greg Patton, the Fellows have spent a daylong workshop session on maximizing their effectiveness in communication as well as their presentation delivery skills. Throughout this time, they were able to focus on interpersonal communication and personal branding.

Dinner speaker, David Eun, has worked to fuse tradtional and new media content. With his captivating story, he provided NetKAL Fellows and invited guests with much insight as he has the opportunity to bring together Korean Americans from the worlds of media and entertainment.

The NetKAL V Fellows also made their first round of presentations for the LEAP Community Project competition, with expert judges, Jun Choi, former mayor of Edison, New Jersey; Joseph Rhee, investigative producer with ABC News’ Brian Ross Investigative unit; and, Suok Noh, Managing Director of Goldman, Sachs and President of the Board, Korean American Community Foundation. The three teams of NetKaL V Fellows had to defend their proposed ideas and strategies for the Korean American community’s political empowerment.

Copy/Paste the following to link to see the schedule for “Communication and Leadership”: NetKAL V Week 4 Logistics

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