Dear NetKAL Friends,
We wanted to post a link to a documentary on NetKAL that was aired on January 3 in Korea on KTV, the Korean C-SPAN channel.
Catch the program on the following link:

Titled “Do You Know NetKAL?,” the program featured Fellows and wasfilmed in Los Angeles, Washington, DC and New York. The 58-minute specialcovers topics from Korean American leadership, the experience of being a NetKALFellow, to NetKAL’s future horizons. The program’s narration andsubtitles are all in Korean language, with most of the Fellows’ interviews inEnglish.Hope you will get a chance to catch these amazing Fellows!

(Featuring: Helie Lee, John Suh, Richard Park, Monica Macer,Michael Kang, Stephen Suh, Ray Rivera, PJ Kim, Stephanie Lee, and CatherineShin)

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