NetKAL Korea Visit October 2008

NetKAL Korea Visit October 2008

Fellows from NetKAL III & IV visited Seoul October 5-12, 2008

The Korea Visit of the NetKAL Fellows provided a slate of learning and networking
opportunities to strengthen the ties of elite 2nd generation Korean-Americans to the
country of Korea and their Korean identity, an integral facet of the NetKAL program.
The program featured tours of important landmarks, meetings with influential policymakers,
businesspersons, and networking events with NetKAL Fellow counterparts in Korea.

NetKAL has created an empowered network of Korean-American leaders from diverse
professional backgrounds with the aim of increasing their representation in the
mainstream for the benefit of the larger Korean-American community. The Korea Visit
will create links between Korea and the U.S. to further this powerful transformation.

The goals of the Korea Visit are as follows:

Enhance Fellows’ understanding of Korea’s historical culture and contemporary
politics, economy, and society. The visit program is focused on providing the Fellows an
overview of present-day Korean society and its issues along with a background in the
country’s historical and cultural circumstances.

Develop Fellows’ ties with Korean counterparts. A critical aspect of the program
is to expand the network of the Fellows to encompass Korean political, corporate, and social
counterparts and to encourage a mutual exploration of benefits.

Cultivate Fellows’ role in improving U.S-Korea relations. Having been provided
relevant background information and contacts, the Fellows will develop ideas and
initiatives to enhance the role of NetKAL in improving relations between the U.S. and Korea.

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