NetKAL @ 5: What’s Next?

A couple weeks ago, the 2011 NetKAL Retreat with Fellows and Advisors was hosted in Los Angeles at USC for the first time. Starting with a dinner and reunion mixer on Friday, April 1st at 5pm, we had a full day on Saturday, April 2nd, to share, reconnect and strategize in strengthening the vision of NetKAL for the future.

Saturday morning was divided into two parts. Part I was dedicated to Fellows and Advisors discussing about where NetKAL stood after five years. These discussions were facilitated by Greg Patton, Associate Professor of Management Communication at USC; Carol Kim, Manager of Corporate Communications at Health Net, Inc; Cathy Choi, Director of Programs at The Eisner Foundation; Edmund Kim, Vice President of M/C Venture Partners; John Suh, CEO of; and, Samuel Kang, General Counsel of Greenlining Institute. After, Part II dove into how NetKAL personally impacted Fellows and Advisors alike.

After much discussion of NetKAL’s activities not only in Los Angeles, but also in New York and Washington, DC, the retreat focused on what NetKAL should be or not be and what it must do to move forward. Some of the questions that arose included, ‘What direction should we take?,’ ‘How are YOU included in 2011?’ Most importantly, ‘How can we help each other?’

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