Korea Daily Profiles NetKAL Fellow Nick Bosco

Korea Daily Profiles NetKAL Fellow Nick Bosco

A Fellow in the new NetKAL IV class taking place on the East Coast, Nick Bosco was recently interviewed for an article that appeared in Korea Daily:
Nick Bosco, one of the NetKAL IV fellows, is a CEO of ‘Bosco Design Group’, a graphic design firm whose clients include Maxim Magazine, Bud Light, Coca Cola, and Spike TV. As a model and an actor, he appeared in Sopranos and Law and Order, and also worked as a model for commercials for IBM, Verizon, Intel and such. He was born in Busan and was adopted to a Italian-American family when he was 2 years old. “I was told I was really skinny at the time I was adopted. But the Italian food.. I was built enough to take the position of offense lineman at my junior high school’s football team.”

When he entered in a contest to select models while attending University of Northern Illinois, a model agency in Chicago scouted him from that point he led his career of model and actor. “I like freedom and working as a model and an actor suit me that way. The corporate office life seemed to be ineffective and I thought the office atmosphere reduced one’s creativity. These are the reasons I opened a design company.”
The Korean Culture Camp for adopted Koreans that he attended when he was still in school encouraged him to think more seriously about his identity as Korean. “Everyone was adopted Koreans. There was no need to be disheartened because you were adopted, because everyone was like me. It was an opportunity for me to realize that I am Korean.”

He said he wants to change the image of Asians reflected in the media as well as to influence others: “Asians including Koreans appear to be violent on TV and films. I think this image needs to be changed.”

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By Ki-Jung Kim. Published April 2008.

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