David Kim on “Undercover Boss”

The CBS hit show, “Undercover Boss,” allows CEOs and high ranking executives a chance to experience what goes on behind the scenes in a company’s daily operations. Our NetKAL Advisor, David Kim, CEO of Baja Fresh, was featured on the April 10th “Undercover Boss” episode.

While undercover, David took up different jobs to not only connect with his employees, but to also make sure customer service was at its best. These jobs included positions as General Manager, Cashier, Store Manager and Operations Manager.

David was not only our distinguished speaker at the University Club for the NetKAL IV cohort in New York on July 19, 2008, but he also attended two NetKAL Summits, staying connected with us for a long time. Now, he is the first Asian American CEO to feature on this program, serving as a role model for the Asian American community, hoping to disseminate the positive “can do spirit” to those who have economic difficulties.

David Kim shares:
“I hope you enjoyed the Baja Fresh episode of Undercover Boss. I greatly enjoyed working on the front line and learning more about our great company and the hard work that occurs daily. The Baja Fresh family rocks even more than I already knew and I saw our guests are very passionate about our food. I also learned that making a Burrito Ultimo is about as easy as cutting your own hair – I’m lousy at it!” (Baja Fresh)

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